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Hi there.  My name is Stephanie Chavez and I am so glad you are here.  This blog is my home away from home, so welcome!  Relax, kick back, put your feet up and hang out a while. I’ll let you in on a few secrets about me.

I’m a Californian native, with a Mexican upbringing, now living in Central Valley. I was raised mostly by my Mom and her siblings who were all brought to the U.S. when they were children after their mother passed away at the age of 40.

I’m married with two children and hold a Bachelors Degree in Child  & Adolescent Development. My favorite part about being a ChAD major is working with infants. They just melt my heart.

Why a blog?

I first began blogging in 2010 after finding The Pioneer Woman blog.  I never knew blogging existed until I came across her food blog.  The thought of being able to archive my own recipes and share them excited me!

Cooking has always been my escape, my joy, the only hobby that I can completely get lost in. I used to love watching my Tias cook. Like them and my Mom, I am the kind of person who loves to experiment in the kitchen.  You know, the kind that cooks without measuring and usually says things like, “I think I’ll throw in a little bit of this, and a little bit of that.” “Oh, and let’s see how this tastes!”

There were many times in which my recipe experiments turned out perfect, like my Banana Oatmeal Muffins! Those were a total experiment gone right. Other times, some of my experiments came out not so perfect.

You should read the story about my failed Mexican Rice. That one will give you a good laugh!

Eventually, though, the not-so-perfect experiments got better!  The only problem was that no one else got to see my work. Sometimes my recipes were a one-time deal. They came and went just as fast as they were created.  Blogging was my answer to that problem.

Spanglish Spoon About PageWhy the name Spanglish Spoon?

Let me break it down for you.

I’m a Latina who has the Spanish vocabulary of a second grader (at best).  When I speak Spanish, I literally have to mix English words into the conversation because I can’t remember how to say certain words in Spanish. I can still hold a conversation in Spanish when I need to, but it takes me longer to process the information and reply accordingly, especially when the other person speaks fast.  That’s how the Spanglish part came about.

As for the Spoon, that came as a suggestion from one of my closest cousins.  I thought it was perfect because the spoon is a universal utensil that you can use any time of the day and (next to a knife) ultimately can’t live without.

You can use a spoon to cook with, eat, drink, balance an egg, throw at a cousin without causing serious injury, even dig with it!

Eh, I’m just kidding about the throwing it at a cousin part…maybe. You’ll never know and I’ll never tell. 😉

So! My home on the interwebs became Spanglish Spoon – my own personal Mexican and American lifestyle archive.

It’s a blog about food, culture – Mexican AND American life, love, family; but mostly about the stories that bring all these elements together. I hope you enjoy reading through my blog posts and find my cooking experiments enticing enough to bring into your own kitchen, or at the very least, come into mine and share a funny story sometime. I’m a sucker for funny childhood stories.

If you’d like to connect to discuss a partnership opportunity, or simply want to say Hello, feel free to email me at S[email protected].  I would love to hear from my readers.

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