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It was in the Fall of 1998 when my boyfriend (now husband) and I moved in together. He was 23, I just turned 20. We were so young and excited about our new life together that we just moved in with each other without having the slightest clue how we would furnish our new home.

My mom was kind enough to have a small barbecue dinner for us and invited some of my Tias to help us out with some small household items like a toaster, crockpot, hand mixer, blender, a set of dishes and silverware. My old futon bed became our couch, and we brought our dressers and his bed with us.

About a month or so later a few of my relatives gave us a few of their bigger, older furniture items. I think they were glad to get rid of those pieces to tell you the truth. One was a glass table with four chairs, the other a TV. Do you remember those huge TV’s with more wood around them than the actual TV? That was our first living room TV. My Grandparents had one, too.

My Grandmother would sometimes switch back and forth from the English channel to the Spanish channel to watch different shows. I remember my Grandfather only watching the Spanish channel. I don’t remember him watching much TV, but my Grandmother did because she spoke both languages. She had way more options than he did back then.

We’ve come a long way since those days.

Anyway, when my husband and I moved in together there was no question as to who our cable service provider would be because of who our parents chose for theirs. Since 1998, Comcast has been our cable provider and I don’t ever want to change that.

Here’s why…

Earlier this month I was invited to a lunch and learn meeting with a team of Comcast Xfinity representatives to learn all about their multicultural community initiatives and view a demonstration of their newest products and services, including the bilingual X1 voice remote and recent partnership with Netflix.

As soon as I accepted the invitation, I headed to our nearest Xfinity store and traded in my old remote for the new voice remote (by the way, there’s no charge for a new remote if you are an Xfinity customer), brought it home, and got started on learning how to use it. For the last 18 years my husband was always the one who set up the remote. I never had the patience or interest in setting it up, so he did it. This was the first time he wasn’t around to do it for me (he was at work), so I opened the instructions that came with the remote and prayed for the tech gods to be on my side.

Comcast Center Philadelphia375.JPG

You guys, it was the easiest set-up ever!! We didn’t even need the TV remote to sync the two together! As soon as I turned on the TV, the remote was already connecting to the TV and in no time we were up and running. The bilingual X1 voice remote also sets itself up to control things like the TV power, volume and input without any code imputing!

Comcast is constantly innovating and investing significant resources to meet the needs of its customers with programs like the Internet Essentials program for low-income households, and adding multicultural platforms that are beautifully bilingual, such as Xfinity Latino, and more recently launching Sling and Netflix on the X1 platform (subscription required for each). The Sling TV App offers more than 425 channels including more than 320 multicultural networks in 21 languages. And did I mention you can change the entire menu to Spanish with this remote?!


As a Netflix subscriber, you have the option of watching some of your favorite Netflix shows directly from the app menu by simply saying “Netflix” into the X1 voice remote. You can ask in English or en Español, or add Spanish subtitles if you want to by pressing the down arrow button.

Speaking of Netflix, have you watched The Netflix 2016 original series called “COOKED”? It’s a new favorite of mine.

It’s a 4-part documentary series about cooking traditions from around the world, led by best-selling author Michael Pollan who “explores the joys and power of preparing food”. Each episode is broken down into four elements.

Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.

My son and daughter watched it with me and had so many questions from it. If you haven’t watched this series yet, and you are a Netflix subscriber, I highly recommend watching it. It is an inspiring eye-opener that will bring you a little closer to appreciating the connection between food and traditions.

With so many options and a mission to serve its customers in diverse communities, Comcast is our number one choice for cable and internet services, hands down. If you haven’t yet, click on any of the links I’ve shared in this post to learn more about the new products and services they offer. Interested in seeing a live demo? Find a service center near you to learn more in person!

Have a wonderful holiday my friends!