California Farms

Make-Ahead Mushroom and Beef Hamburger Patties with Premier Mushrooms.

Make Ahead Mushroom and Beef Hamburger Patties.

  Do you have any summer traditions in your family? I think most people do during the summer, and no doubt the majority of our Nation has some sort of planning going on during the 4th of July. For a […]

California Endive Farm Tour 2016

Endive Farming in Sacramento

  Endive Farming in Sacramento is cooler than you think. One of the perks of attending the International Food Blogger Conference is that you have an opportunity to attend culinary excursions that typically aren’t available to the public. When I […]

CA Strawberries Farm Tour

What I learned about CA Strawberries at Ramos Farms

This post is sponsored by the California Strawberry Commission. All opinions, thoughts, and images are my own. You know what I love about living in California? Everything! Especially the weather. If you were to search for the states with the best weather, […]