Advent calendar miniature house with one door open showing a wrapped toy and folded note.

28 Days of Advent Calendar Activities

Can you believe we’re near the end of 2018 already? Every year seems to go by quicker than the one before it. Especially when I think of how much my children have grown. My girl is already beginning to enter the […]

TIE Fighter BBQ Pit, Death Star Ice Molds, Death Star Waffle Maker, Light Saber BBQ Tongs

12 Star Wars Themed Kitchen Gadgets

12 Star Wars themed kitchen gadgets that are practical. Every Star Wars foodie fan needs to see this list!   May 4th is a special day around here. In case you didn’t know, we are die-hard Star Wars fans. Wait…let […]

#WeAllGrow Summit Recap

#WeAllGrow Summit 2017: Build Your Tribe

Today’s post has no recipe. It’s more of a personal one that I’ve been dying to share with you. I hope you don’t mind. I just have to tell you about this amazing experience I’ve had the privilege of being […]

Simple DIY Valentine's Day Crafts For Your Home

Simple DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts For Your Home

I’m not much of a decor expert. I stink at it in fact. I’m also a minimalist. My husband would prefer to classify me as being cheap, but I’ll stick to calling myself a minimalist because it sounds a little […]

Crock-Pot Chile Verde Turkey Legs

Crock-Pot Chile Verde Turkey Legs

This post is sponsored by Raley’s Supermarkets. All opinions, recipes, images, and thoughts are 100% my own as always. Friendsgiving is a new concept to me. I only heard of it last year in a brief commercial or something like that. […]