Mint and Ginger Tea

It’s tea time today!  Here’s one of my all time favorites with a little added vitamin K and C from fresh blueberries. For a simple tea, I usually just boil fresh mint leaves with honey.  For an added kick I […]

Cheers to 2015!!

I can’t believe we are only hours away from a new year!  What the heck?!  Where did the time go?  I remember being a little girl and hearing the adults talk about how fast time flies, and to enjoy my […]

How to make a basic white sangria

How To Make A Basic White Wine Sangria

I’m not a wine connoisseur  by any means, but when it comes to drinking wine, I prefer a good sangria.  What makes a good sangria you ask? Well, I’ve learned that the secret to a good sangria is how long you […]

Cafe De Olla

 Café De Olla (no straining required)

This is not your traditional café de olla.  BUT!…it tastes just like it.  What makes a coffee “café de olla?”  Well, for starters, a traditional café de olla is boiled entirely in a Mexican clay pot above a fire.  My method is a little […]

Mexican Champurrado

Mexican Champurrado

Mexican Champurrado is one our favorite holiday drinks and we make it quite often in our house.  My kids love it, we love it. In looking back at my first post on Champurrado, I started to feel a little proud […]

Cherry Hibiscus Juice

Cherry Hibiscus Juice

I was going to start by saying Agua de Jamaica (pronounced ha-my-ka) is my second favorite Agua fresca (the first being Horchata), but let’s face it, they all rank high on my list of faves.  It’s a simple, refreshing, slightly tart tea […]