Main Course

Roasted poblano pepper stuffed with mushrooms, breadcrumbs and cheese, topped with a drizzle of crema fresca.

Stuffed Poblano Peppers with Mushrooms and Cheese

Walking in on the aroma that comes from making these beauties is like heaven to your senses.  There’s something about roasting poblano peppers that is one of the most comforting aromas that instantly takes me back home to my Mom’s […]

Cheesy Tomato and Chipotle Bowtie Pasta

Cheesy Tomato and Chipotle Bowtie Pasta

Don’t you just love one-pot meals?  Even better when they require no meat, am I right?  It’s good to cut back on the meat intake every now and then if you’re used to having it more than twice a week. […]

Mexican Rice with Shrimp

Mexican Rice with Shrimp

Lenten season is here and I have a one-pot meatless meal for you.  Mexican Rice with Shrimp!  Once a week for the next seven weeks, I will be posting a new meatless recipe (no red meat, pork, or chicken) as […]

Tomato and Butter Lobster Linguini

Tomato and Butter Lobster Linguine

Valentines Day is almost here!  Did you make plans already?  Are you planning a dinner at home for someone you love?  We ALWAYS make a special dinner at home.  When my husband and I started dating we probably went out […]

Turkey and Kidney Bean Soup 1

Turkey and Kidney Bean Soup

Where my soup lovers at?!  I got a soup for YOU today! Ground Turkey and Kidney Bean Soup. This one will leave you warm, filled, and guilt-free.  The ingredients are simple, but all of them together create harmony in a […]

Shrimp & Mushroom Quinoa With White Truffle Infused Oil

Shrimp & Mushroom Quinoa with White Truffle Oil

Happy Friday! Lent is upon us friends, and there isn’t any rule in my book about not eating shrimp.  I’ll be the first to admit this is one of the hardest rituals that I have a difficult time sticking to. […]