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Endive Farming in Sacramento

California Endive Farm Tour 2016

  Endive Farming in Sacramento is cooler than you think. One of the perks of attending the International Food Blogger Conference is that you have an opportunity to attend culinary excursions that typically aren’t available to the public. When I learned that the conference was coming to Sacramento, I jumped at the opportunity to attend the conference because of how…

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Mexican Hot Dogs

Mexican Hot Dog

Here is a true definition of Spanglish cooking. The reason I love my blog and the food in it. A hot dog in a tortilla, topped with a simple ensalada de nopales. I am a cross-bred cook who loves to take the best of both worlds and bring them together to make my taste buds sing, “halleluiah, give me more!”…

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Beet salad with queso fresco

Beet salad with queso fresco

Beets!  Have you had them before?  In case you didn’t know, beets are a good source of folate, potassium, vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants.  They also help increase blood circulation and cleanse the liver. Until recently I never used to like them.  The truth is, I never even gave them a chance.  One taste a couple years back and I…

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How-to Basics, Recipes, Salads, Salsas & Condiments

Balsamic Reduction recipe with ideas on how to use it

Balsamic Reduction

One of the few dressings I have been able to enjoy without any digestive issues is balsamic vinegar.  And since I’ve been having more salads these days,  my go-to accompanying salad dressing has been a balsamic reduction sauce. It’s simple to make, but can easily burn if you’re not watching it carefully.   Let me show you how easy it…

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