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Salsas & Condiments

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Tacos with avocado and salsa verde

Chunky salsa verde and avocado slices are the star ingredients in these meatless tacos with corn tortillas. Easter is upon us and even though tacos and salsa verde have nothing to do with the Easter holiday, I’m anxious to share this post with you for two reasons. First off, I am a salsa verde fanatic. It is my favorite salsa…

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Desserts, How-to Basics, Recipes, Salsas & Condiments

How to make a basic piloncillo syrup

Learn how to make a basic piloncillo syrup with only two ingredients. I’ve been working with piloncillo the last few weeks. Fall is always the right time to start experimenting with piloncillo because anything I do with it entails making some kind of dessert. It’s my favorite sugar to use in any dessert that calls for brown sugar. What I don’t…

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