Helpful links to raising a nature conscious kid

Helpful Links to Raising a Nature Conscious Kid

Teaching children how to respect nature and life in all forms is no easy job.  Especially for someone like me who isn’t so fond of getting this close to a snail or anything that is slimy, jumps, or can fly for that […]

How to cut a vanilla bean

It just occured to me that I had this sitting in my draft file.  A looooonnngggg time ago I didn’t know how to cut open a vanilla bean.  Then one day (many many years ago) my husband bought me The Martha […]

Not just a fort

Forts, tents, whatever you choose to call them – are a necessity for children.  We often think of adults as the ones who need privacy or a place to “escape.”  Did you know that children need this too?  They just […]

Nutella & Fruit Waffle Sandwich

Earlier this week Disney Food Blog posted this picture and the first thing I thought of was “I know what we’re having for breakfast tomorrow.” Waffle+Nutella+Stawberries+Banana= Despankinlicious!! For like a split second I thought “man where can I get one of those the next […]

In a funk part 2

In a funk

Sitting here on my comfy couch, listening to the t.v., typing away while someone outside is carelessly smoking a cigarette too close to our (open) patio door.  The faint sound of the propeller from the helicopter at the Hospital next […]

The Cazuela That The Farm Maiden Stirred

The Cazuela That The Farm Maiden Stirred.

Our last trip to the Library was……tiring.  Anything is tiring when you have to carry a one-year-old, a bag of books and make sure your other little one doesn’t wander off too far.  What was I thinking not taking in […]