Simple DIY Valentine's Day Crafts For Your Home

Simple DIY Valentine's Day Crafts For Your HomeI’m not much of a decor expert. I stink at it in fact. I’m also a minimalist. My husband would prefer to classify me as being cheap, but I’ll stick to calling myself a minimalist because it sounds a little nicer. When it comes to decorating our house, I have no clue where to start, because (a) I get overwhelmed with so many options in front of me when shopping, and (b) price tags add up to amounts I’m not comfortable dishing out. Okay, maybe I am cheap.

However, with the help of Pinterest and other amazing bloggers who like to share their fabulous DIY ideas, I can definitely find some cool crafts to do with the kids to save money and not be the holiday scrooge.

Today I’m sharing two simple DIY Valentine’s Day crafts for your home that won’t cost a lot.

One craft project we liked so far was this tree cone with hearts from I Gotta Create.

The original craft post uses paper hearts and a glue gun, but I didn’t want to use a glue gun so I bought felt heart stickers for $1.19 each pack (I bought two), and a pack of cardstock paper for $2 at Michaels.

Simple DIY Valentine's Day Crafts For Your Home

To add a base, we painted toilet paper cardboard rolls white. Once they were dry, I made five or six small cuts on one side of the rolls and folded them down gently to prop the cones up to make them look more like trees.

Not sure how to cut paper to make a cone? Don’t worry, I gotcha. 😉

Download my template here >>> Paper Tree Cone Printable Template (172 downloads)

Just cut along the curved line, roll the top right corner in, and staple the bottom.

Simple DIY Valentine's Day Crafts For Your HomeAnother craft we did was make a simple paper heart garland.

For this one, I used some of our leftover string from Christmas and taped heart cut-outs to it. I cut out two different sizes of hearts while my daughter glued them together.

Simple DIY Valentine's Day Crafts For Your HomeAs you can see we have a little more work to do, but at least there’s something up in February. Last year we didn’t decorate at all!

Holiday scrooge, I tell ya!

Anyway, I have a few more ideas in the works that I will be sharing later. This is all I have for now. I’ll update this post either with more images or a link to what we make later. If you need more DIY Valentine’s Day crafts and ideas, follow my Valentine’s Day board on Pinterest! I’ll be adding more to it this month!

Have fun!

Simple DIY Valentine's Day Crafts For Your Home