Aguas Frescas

Strawberry Lemonade Recipe

Strawberry Lemonade

My dear friends, you have been on my mind a great deal these last few weeks. If you’ve visited Spanglish Spoon in the past, you already know there have been quite a bit of changes around here. I would have […]

Cantaloupe agua fresca

Agua de Melón | Cantaloupe Agua Fresca

When I was a young girl I could eat an entire half of a cantaloupe. I’d cut it in half, grab a spoon, hold the cantaloupe over the trash, scoop out all the seeds, and eat the entire half with […]

How to make agua de horchata

How To Make Horchata

Horchata is a Mexican rice water drink that I have loved since I don’t know when.  It was probably about eight years ago when my Tia Sandra taught me how to make it.  She’s the only one in our family […]

Cherry Hibiscus Juice

Cherry Hibiscus Juice

I was going to start by saying Agua de Jamaica (pronounced ha-my-ka) is my second favorite Agua fresca (the first being Horchata), but let’s face it, they all rank high on my list of faves.  It’s a simple, refreshing, slightly tart tea […]

Jugo de Naranja y Mango

One of the many great blessings of spring is that it marks the beginning of an abundance of sweeter fruits.  I love walking into a grocery store during this time of the year knowing I can find sweet and juicy […]

Agua Fresca De Pepino (Cucumber Lime Cooler)

Muy Bueno has become my favorite site for Mexican recipes that I have not yet tried.  This Agua Fresca for example is one of their recipes.  Let me just say if you are thirsty and love Aguas Frescas, YOU HAVE TO […]