Homemade butter rolls

Homemade Butter Rolls

If you’ve never experienced the magic of pulling out a tray of warm dinner rolls from your oven, breaking it apart at the center and watching the steam escape as you’re about to take a bite, you my friend, are […]

Capirotada with Chocolate, Almonds, and Dried Fruit

Capirotada is a traditional dessert typically served during Lent season.  If you do a search online, you will find that there are many different versions of this popular Latin dessert.  Some like to add prunes, and peanuts, others prefer coconut […]

Rosemary compound butter with garlic rolled into a butter roll with parchment paper

Rosemary & Garlic Compound Butter

Do you have a favorite herb you like to cook with?  I have many, of course.  One of my favorites to use with breads, meats, and potatoes is rosemary.  Another favorite of mine, is to make a compound butter with […]

Cranberry Bread Pudding

Here she is!  The cranberry bread pudding recipe I promised you.  In case you missed the previous post, in it I shared 3 ways to use cranberry sauce.  This bread pudding was one of those three, but because it turned […]

Cranberry recipes 3 ways to use cranberry sauce

Cranberry recipes: 3 ways to use your leftover cranberry sauce

I have a confession my friends.  Just this past week was the first time I have ever had cranberry sauce.  Ever!  Now before I continue, I should let you know something.  I LOVE CRANBERRIES!  Dried cranberries, cranberry juice, chocolate covered […]