Baked Tater Tots with Bacon and Cheddar Cheese

Tater Tots with Bacon and Cheddar Cheese

A simple solution to a busy morning is this baked tater tots with bacon and cheddar cheese breakfast side dish. I woke up Sunday morning wanting something a little different than what we typically have on the weekends for breakfast. […]

How to make a simple strawberry syrup

How To Make A Simple Strawberry Syrup

Hey there! Today’s post is brought to you by my desire to confess how much I do not like syrup. And when I say syrup, I mean the brown kind that is made with high fructose corn syrup. Yes, that […]

5-Minute Breakfast Tacos

How To Cook Scrambled Eggs in a Stainless Steel Pan

Learn how to cook scrambled eggs in a stainless steel pan using leftover pico de gallo to make these 5-minute breakfast tacos. I’m one of those people that can have breakfast for lunch and dinner.  You ever do that?  We […]

Stovetop Hash Browns

Hash Browns

Have I ever told you what my weakness for breakfast is (besides coffee)?   I’ll give you a hint! They’re crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy in the inside, and it goes hand-in-hand with ketchup.  One look at the picture […]

Sweet Potato Muffins

Sweet Potato Mini Muffins

The day after Thanksgiving I posted a picture on Instagram of my favorite way to eat sweet potatoes.  What I love about sweet potatoes is that; (1) they are already sweet to begin with when baked all by themselves; (2) […]

Crepes With Blueberry Sauce And Whipped Cream

Crepes with Blueberry Sauce & Whipped Cream

Whenever I suggest we have crepes for brunch, my little girl always says to me, “Can we buy some whip cream to eat with the crepes Mommy?”  In her opinion, there is no better way to have these.  I couldn’t […]